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Each day begins with fresh breakfast, hatha-vinyasa yoga in the yoga barn, followed by free time to spend in the chateau grounds or visit nearby swimming spots.

In the afternoon and into the evening we will practice TRE, a practice that is perfect for taking you gently into evening in a relaxed and expansive atmosphere.

There will be creative workshops, journaling sessions, 1-1 astrology and human design consultations, and optional 1-1 kinesiology sessions.

There will be a day in which there is free time to visit local landmarks, or even jump on a train to Paris for the day.


“Doing TRE continuously with Luke has shown there is light at the end of the tunnel.”


'Luke is an incredibly insightful and compassionate practitioner and made me feel completely comfortable from the outset.' Octavia

“TRE is such an amazing practice to connect, let go, learn, and shift things. I feel more relaxed and lighter in mood after a good practice and am feeling more optimism and excitement about the future after having felt very shut down from personal trauma and the impact of the pandemic.” From The Body College 

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