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Kate started her journalism career over 30 years ago by getting sacked from her work experience job, she went on to dropping typewriters at a business journal and never quite found her 9-5 feet. Forced by her own madness and circumstance to work from home long before it was fashionable, she wrote for magazines like Elle, GQ and The Face on life, style and self. After a brief stint on the short-lived female answer to Loaded, Minx, she went back to working in her underpants at home for all the broadsheets and especially The Sunday Times, as well as occasional forays into Daily Mail land to describe womanhood and dog ownership - but don’t hold that against her. It’s hard making a living from writing. She has made four documentaries and written a few books, but only one in her actual name, a memoir called Lost Dog: A Love Story, which was a Sunday Times bestseller and is currently (probably) being made into a film. 



3.30-5pm: Arrival of participants. 

5.30-6pm: Welcome drink and tour of the house and gardens.

7pm: he first writing workshop of the week. Kate will introduce herself and outline her plans for the week. You will be able to explain what you’d like to achieve. There’ll be discussion, short exercises, and perhaps a spot of homework for Tuesday morning.

8pm: Dinner

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