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Our Story

Hermine Demoriane inherited the château in 1994, since when she has welcomed volunteer organic gardeners from around the world as well as artists from England and France for month-long, funded residencies culminating in an annual exhibition. (Their site-specific work can be seen on our sister site Andrew Logan, Grayson and Philippa Perry, Wilma Johnson, Christine and Jennifer Binnie and Richard Wilson have also shown their work at the château.


Her daughter, journalist, festival planner and confectioner Murphy Williams, now runs retreats and residencies there too. With the help of musician Dan Lyons, of his band The Tenants, an outhouse is being converted to Sacy Studios, for musicians and artists to make use of this magical place with its unique unspoiled beauty and serene atmosphere. It's all just half an hour from Paris by train.

Dan Lyons shot by Bella Howard
Murphy Williams
Hermine Demoriane
Nicolas Beaud Chateau de Sacy 2012
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