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What it's like

Our bedrooms are full of rustic, old world charm. The house has an abundance of original features, from its grand bathroom fireplace to its panelled billiard room. Every light switch and doorknob adds to the romance. Most of the doors and floors are lopsided and the ancient patina of some rooms' paintwork is so atmospheric that it has been left as was. Be prepared to venture back in time and dispense with most modern conveniences. Only the apartment has its own shower room and loo, and if you book a attic room, you'll have to come downstairs for the loo or a shower. Creature comforts are well attended to though, and we have new pillows, duvets and high-end toiletries for you. There are desks and wifi in all the rooms, and you can make tea and coffee and enjoy the fruit and pastries provided in the guest kitchen.


How to find out more

Click here for more interiors shots. For retreat info click here.

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