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Heidi Wigmore - August 2023

Artist, Dreamer, Adventureress, Fine Art course leader at The City Lit

She's Not There

Heidi was in her element among the vintage garments and accessories in the chateau's dressing-up room, and homed in on a theatrical pink dress, which roamed the grounds with her over the week. After a while, she noticed that the label reads 'High Holborn - Dancer, Oklahoma'. The connection was uncanny: Heidi works in High Holborn and performed as a dancer in a school production of the musical. Below is a sneak preview of the resulting shots, more of which can be seen on her website. She also filled a sketch book with watercoloured collages, some below. 

Heidi Wigmore 9.jpg
Heidi Wigmore 10.jpg
Heidi Wigmore 7.jpg
Heidi Wigmore 6.jpg
Heidi Wigmore 5.jpg
Heidi Wigmore 4.jpg
Heidi Wigmore 3.jpg
Heidi Wigmore 1.jpg
Heidi Wigmore 8.jpg
Heidi Wigmore 11.jpg
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